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Lunch and Learn Series - Crisis Call Center and Mobile Team Connections

This month’s Clear Pathways Ohio Collaborative Lunch & Learn focuses on the interaction and interoperability between crisis call centers and mobile crisis teams.

In this session, we seek an answer to the questions:

  • How do call centers around the state utilize and deploy mobile teams?

  • What do those mobile teams do and how are they staffed and supervised to be most effective?

  • And, how does this all work together within a local crisis system to serve people?

We are excited to have panelists from communities of various geographic areas and population sizes around Ohio come together to share information and best practices. The speakers will present on protocols and workflows that allow for synergy between call centers and mobile crisis teams, as well as challenges, strengths, and opportunities that support people suffering from behavioral health emergencies to be best served in the community.

The second portion of this Lunch & Learn will be an open discussion with our panelists to explore how community activation, partnerships, and leadership can create high performing teams and cultures with regards to the delivery of call center and mobile team services.

Session objectives:

  • Learn how various call centers utilize and deploy mobile teams

  • Explore effective practices in mobile team staffing and supervision

  • Discuss how partnerships support a strong local crisis system

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