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Join the Clear Pathways Collaborative: Let’s work together to serve the public better and produce better outcomes for adults in behavioral health crises.

Join our Clear Pathways Ohio Collaborative (CPOC), a statewide peer learning network that shares promising crisis response practices and data. 

Past Lunch & Learns 

Quality Measurement in Crisis Services: How to go from Mundane to Meaningful
(April 20, 2023)
Ohio 988 - Gaining the Scoop from the Source
(February 16, 2023)
One Call, Three Questions:
Transforming the Culture of Emergency Response
(December 15, 2022)
Equity as the Foundation for Behavioral Health Leadership (November 17, 2022)
Developing a Behavioral Health Workforce (October 20, 2022)
Crisis Call Center and Mobile Team Connections (September 15, 2022)
Engaging Peers to Support Crisis Care Services (August 18, 2022)
23-Hour Observation Center Tour Impressions (July 21, 2022)
Ohio Call Center Environmental Scan (June 16, 2022)
Launch of 988 Update (May 26, 2022)



More Details About Clear Pathways 

ClearPathways FAQs V3_Page_1.jpg

Clear Pathways FAQ 

How Communities Must Use 988 to Improve Care and Correct Crisis System Disparities_Page_01

Think Bigger Do Good Policy Series

How Communities Must Use 988 to Improve Care and Correct Crisis System Disparities 

by Stephanie Barrios Hepburn, JD and Michael F Hogan, PhD (December 2021)

As communities prepare for the 988 launch nationwide, we are prioritizing work at the local and state levels for the effective coordination of crisis response services. This paper was specifically commissioned to offer resources and serve as a tool for communities to use in developing and enhancing call centers, mobile teams, and crisis care facilities to create better outcomes for people in crises.

March 2021_GAP_Crisis-Report_Final_Page_001.jpg

GAP Report

Roadmap to the Ideal Crisis System: Essential Elements, Measurable Standards, and Best Practices for Behavioral Health Crisis Response by National Council for Behavioral Health (March 2021) 


Crisis Services Whitepaper Report

by OhioMHAS (July 2021)

OhioMHAS vision for a compassionate and competent system of statewide crisis services.

APA publishing.png

Crisis Services: Meeting Needs, Saving Lives

(November 2020)

Michael F. Hogan, Ph.D., joins Dr. Dixon and Dr. Berezin to discuss the challenges and opportunities for nationwide reform in systems of care for individuals in psychiatric crisis in the United States.

Crisis Services Meeting Needs Saving Lives_Page_001.jpg

Crisis Services: Meeting Needs, Saving Lives

by SAMHSA (August 2020)

The book is composed of SAMHSA’s “National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care: Best Practice Toolkit” and related papers on crisis services. The toolkit reflects relevant clinical and health services research, review of top national program practices and replicable approaches that support best practice implementation.


National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care 

 A Best Practice Toolkit by SAMHSA (2020)

The National Guidelines for Crisis Care – A Best Practice Toolkit advances national guidelines in crisis care within a toolkit that supports program design, development, implementation and continuous quality improvement efforts. It is intended to help mental health authorities, agency administrators, service providers, state and local leaders think through and develop the structure of crisis systems that meet community needs.

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